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Children playing football in a field

What We Do

We are the world's largest independent child rights organisation, working in more than 120 countries, and working in Cambodia since 1970. Our programmatic work focuses on the areas of early childhood care and development, basic inclusive education, child protection, health and nutrition, child poverty, and disaster risk reduction.

Our six strategic goals are:

  1. Build evidence for effective integrated programming for children aged 0-3 and drive government investment towards holistic Early Childhood Care and Development.
  2. Primary schools and preschools in the most and deprived areas are increasingly inclusive and support quality learning for all children.
  3. Ensure children are better protected by families and communities against violence, neglect and exploitation, through improved systems, policies, and service delivery.
  4. Expand multisector approaches to reduce stunting and other forms of malnutrition in children under five and improve health and nutrition outcomes during adolescence.
  5. Encourage children and youth, including the most deprived, meaningfully participate in decision-making that affects their rights and improves accountability of government.
  6. Ensure the most deprived and marginalized children have more equal access to child-sensitive services and skills that will transform their future opportunities for the better.

In 2018 alone, we directly reached 143,118 children through our programmatic work. We implement our work in partnership with local and international civil society organisations and in close collaboration with various Cambodian government ministries and departments at the national, subnational and municipal levels.