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Children sitting in the narrow classroom

strategic goal 3

Safe and continuous education is still not a guarantee here in Cambodia, particularly for marginalized children, adolescents, and youth - 56% of children with disabilities have either never attended or never completed primary school and only 1 in 3 male third graders are proficient in the Khmer language, compared to 48% of their female peers.  With this context, we will:

  • Support marginalized children to overcome barriers to access learning and wellbeing opportunities within basic education and ECCD
  • Support marginalized  children to learn in accountable, safe, quality and inclusive environments through targeted support
  • Support the increase in the number of adolescents & youths who have the capabilities to navigate every day life situations through enhanced life skills
  • Train and support teachers and schools to create safe, quality and inclusive learning environments
  • Support the resolution of service delivery issues raised by children and families to ensure continuous learning and access to learning materials and space