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Enabling Transformational Change Through Community Social Work

“I wanted to apply but I was not sure I could pass and do this job,” she explained. “But my village chief explained how important it is to do this work. How it benefits not just my family, but the whole community, and others who are in the same situation. So I decided to apply.”

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Curious Chenda and Vegetable_Khmer

Curious Chenda and Vegetable_Khmer

Save the Children is helping Cambodian children to grow healthier and smarter. The second children’s book on the adventures of Chenda “Curious Chenda and the Vegetables” is released in September 2017. The new book with colorful illustrations in Khmer language tells the story of Chenda, a young girl learning more about the importance of handwashing and growing vegetables in home garden that help her and her younger brother grow stronger and smarter. The book also encourages caregivers and children in rural areas to read.

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Children play at the child friendly space

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Children play at the child friendly space

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