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27 April 2023 - News

Validation Workshop on Joint Research on Safe Back to School in Cambodia

Validation Workshop on Joint Research on Safe Back to School in Cambodia
On April 27, Save the Children in Cambodia, in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and partner organisations, organized a "Validation Workshop on Joint Research on Safe Back to School in Cambodia".
The workshop was held to share preliminary evidence from a joint research study on Safe Back to School in Cambodia, validate findings from both survey and qualitative research, formulate pertinent conclusions and recommendations to inform future policy development, and discuss how lessons learned from the learning continuity support during the pandemic can be integrated into the next Education Strategic Plan.
His excellency, Dr. Nath Bunroeun, Secretary of State said, “This joint research is important in focusing on health and safety, recovering student learning outcomes, and compiling good experiences to support the development of special policies and plans, especially by providing school mechanisms for schools, teachers, and students to be able to continue the teaching and learning process effectively.”
Mrs. Christine Fernandes, Director of Strategy, Program Development, and Impact of Save the Children stressed, “Having the right evidence at the right time is important in program and policy decisions. Through the research findings and dialogue today, I hope that we will be able to generate consensus on the priorities we need to address, including learning recovery and the preparedness to cope with future disruption to children’s learning. Save the Children remains committed to working alongside MoEYS and other stakeholders to accomplish this journey.”
According to Mrs. Christine, all the amazing evidence that has been produced today is from the interviews of 11,203 respondents from the 25 provinces and Phnom Penh municipality, which came from an understanding of the value of research, commitment, and collaborative work.
This " Joint Research Validation Workshop on Safe Back to School in Cambodia" was conducted in collaboration with MoEYS Cambodia, UNICEF Cambodia, Save the Children Cambodia, Plan International Cambodia, World Vision Cambodia, RTI International, Childfund Cambodia, Food for the Hungry, Finn church aid, World Education Cambodia, and United World Schools, Cambodia.