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9 March 2023 - News

The Country Director of Save the Children paid a courtesy call on H.E. Vong Sauth, Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

On March 06, 2023, Mr. Hong Reaksmey, Country Director of Save the Children and his working group paid a courtesy call on H.E. Vong Sauth, Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and his senior officials.
In this meeting, Mr. Reaksmey mentioned the main activities of Save the Children in the field of social affairs, including; early childhood programs that focus on positive parenting and education, child rights governance and child protection programs, education, child poverty reduction programs that focus on improving family livelihoods an social humanitarian assistance, including social protection and social assistance.
In addition, Mr. Reaksmey also mentioned the important cooperation of Save the Children with the Ministry of Social Affairs related to child protection on policies and services directed to child-to-family integration, diversion and closure of Residential Care Institutions, preventing the separation of children from the families, child data management systems, and facilitating, sharing of knowledge and experience between development partners, partner organizations, and government institutions at both the national and sub-national levels, as well as the strengthening of the child rights governance system.
In 2022, Save the Children has contributed to a positive culture of caring for and nurturing more than 13,779 parents and 4,922 children. Another crucial work is to contribute to strengthening the capacity of social service workforce in Cambodia in collaboration with the National Institute of Social Affairs.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Reaksmey said that Save the Children contributes to strengthening the culture of caring for and raising children in a positive manner for parents and children, as well as training trainers and supporting children affected by many cases of violence. Save the Children has also been involved in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic through cash transfers to affected families, and has been working with the National Social Assistance Fund to develop a minimum household expenditure estimate that takes into account the needs of children.
Taking this opportunity, Mr. Reaksmey informed H.E. Vong Sauth the continuation of the Family Care First Project with 21-months extension from January ០1, 2024 to September 2025, funded support by USAID. He also requested the Minister to continue his support and advise on the "Family Care First” project to continue contributing to the diversion and closure of Residential Care Institutions as well as to prevent the separation of children from families,  alternative care for family, and the permanent plan, and to provide the capacity building for social services workforce. He also requested the Minister to increase the national budget to accelerate the social assistance mechanism that places children at heart and supports resources to the social service workforce.
In response, H.E. Vong Sauth expressed his appreciation and highly valued Save the Children's cooperation and past work. He also responded positively with full support towards the suggestions raised and encouraged the senior leaders of Save the Children to continue the dialogue with the specialized units on the detailed technical work at the ministry level. In addition, the Minister highlighted the efforts made by the government in the field of social protection, especially the transfer of cash to families with ID Poor, families affected by Covid-19 and families affected by the floods, totaling of more than one million families.