Skills and Services

We address multi-dimensional poverty issues through families’ increased access to public skills and services. We also do capacity building for agricultural producers and increased access to life skills that can transform a families’ household income and resiliency.

Fact taken from our Child's Rights Situation Analysis 2018


The most deprived and marginalized children have more equal access to services and skills that transform their future opportunities.



Enhance expertise and actions to monitor child poverty, vulnerability, and associated deprivations through enhanced social mapping.

Improve household investment in children and reduce reliance on negative coping mechanisms through enhanced/resilient livelihoods or management of household income

Advocate to improvenational investment in social protection and improved social mapping.

Improve opportunities for soft/life-skill learning in school

Advocate for the expansion or modification of social protection programs to more effectively include the most marginalized and vulnerable households

Partner to learn, assess and advocate for improved national social protection programmes

Partnerships with financial institutions, including MFIs, lead to financial literacy and reduce the negative impact of debt for adolescents and poor households