Child Rights Governance


Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. We work in over 120 countries.

Our Child Rights Governance programmes aim to raise the issues and status of children in all societies to ensure they are treated as the citizens of today. In doing so, we push child rights up the political agenda.


Children’s lack of power and their low social status are the root causes of children’s rights violations. Children’s views are rarely sought or considered in decisions affecting their lives, and society is largely unaware of the concept of children’s rights. Since 1979, Save the Children has worked to make the Royal Government of Cambodia accountable to children by monitoring government commitment to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). 


Our aim is to build a child friendly society and to work closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia to increase resources to address children’s needs. 


Advocate for the Royal Government of Cambodia to increase budget allocation for children; and promote quality publicservices through the Implementation of a Social Accountability Framework. 

Support civil society organisations, children and youth networks to promote awareness of the CRC in communities, and ensure children are involved in local decision-making, including in the development of Commune Investment and Development Plans, and budgeting and monitoring. 

Strengthen the Cambodia National Council for Children (CNCC) to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the CRC and support the Royal Government of Cambodia to establish an independent National Human Rights Institution with a Child Rights Unit. 


Save the Children facilitates child and youth involvement in rights monitoring. We support the Cambodia Children and Young People Movement for Child Rights to continuously gauge children’s concerns and communicate with duty bearers. At a sub-national level we work with children, young people and civil society to monitor the effectiveness of local administration. Save the Children is also advocating for the government to sign and ratify the 3rd Optional Protocol (OP3) to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The OP3 is a communication mechanism that allows children and concerned persons to file individual complaints to the UNCRC committee. We provide support to NGOCRC and its members to develop the UN Universal Periodic Review report from civil society, and we support the development of an alternative children’s report.


Along with our partners UNICEF and Plan International we are strengthening the CNCC including the development of a national plan of action for children. We bring a child perspective to NGO Forum’s advocacy for budget transparency to create opportunities to influence the Royal Government of Cambodia to broaden public disclosure of budget information and to improve budget credibility and prioritisation of children’s issues.


Save the Children promotes child and youth participation in policy planning and budgeting at a local level with the intention of ensuring children are actively involved in identifying, discussing, and prioritising the development initiatives and spending decisions that affect their lives. We work with Commune Councils and the Commune Committee for Women and Children to strengthen their capacity in fulfilment of their roles and responsibilities. Together with our partners, Save the Children develops child-friendly materials and promotes children’s rights through community workshops, forums, and meetings.


We work with the Royal Government of Cambodia and civil society to implement the Social Accountability Framework with the aim of empowering children and other citizens, improving their engagement and enhancing social capital and trust. We aim to ensure transparency and accountability, improve service delivery and allocation of budgets based on children’s needs.

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