Child Protection

Child protection is a core area of our work, especially when it comes to promoting positive parenting techniques. We also focus on issues affecting children in residential care, violence reduction in targeted communities, as well as violence affecting adolescents and youth between 12-18 years old.

Fact taken from our Child's Rights Situation Analysis in Cambodia 2018 


Children are better protected by families, communities and other duty bearers from violence, neglect and exploitation through improved systems, policies and service delivery.



Parents and caregivers, especially fathers, have improved awareness of violence and exploitation of children.

Improve use and impact of online platforms and new technologies to protect children.

Expand knowledge and evidence regarding emerging areas of exploitation and abuse.

Increase evidence and expand knowledge regarding effective approaches to ensuring children are in safe, nurturing family based care

Increased government resource allocation (national and local) for prevention and response to exploitation, violence and abuse.

Children and Youth Groups have strengthened capacity, and their activities result in children feeling more safe

Technical support, advocacy and civil society mobilisation to drive faster government implementation, coordination, and oversight of national strategies (including the Positive Parenting policy & VAC Action Plan, and the CSOs involved in working on them).

Local government and community level child protection systems are strengthened through a qualified work force, including local actors with social work skills (such as Community Social Workers).

Improved data collection and use of systems (OSCaR) that improve responsiveness to abuse, exploitation and violence.

Increase coordinated advocacy and planning with Unicef and CSOs to influence MoWA, MoSVY, CNCC, and MoI to increase capacity and support for sub-national structures (WCCC and CCWCs).

Private sector and SMEs at the national and community levels jointly contributed to improved child protection practices.

Lead the FCF initiative (network) to convene civil society, UN agencies academic institutions and government particularly in relation to children without appropriate care




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