Child Protection

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. We work in over120 countries. 

We make a difference to millions of children’s lives around the world through our child protection work. We believe that all children have the right to be protected from abuse,neglect, violence and exploitation so that they can survive, learn, participate, play and develop.



Cambodian children are exposed to neglect, abuse and violence due to weak protection services, lack of family and social support and an ill-equipped justice system. Since 1998, Save the Children has been working in partnership with civil society organisations and the Royal Government of Cambodia in an effort to ensure all children have access to care and protection. The Child Protection programme focuses on three areas: Children without Appropriate Care, Physical and Humiliating Punishment and Child Protection in Emergencies. 


Our goal is for Cambodia to have a national child protection system that ensures protection and care for all children. 


Facilitate national and community based child protection mechanisms that work towards effectively preventing abuse and exploitation and respond to the issues faced by children without appropriate care. 

Work closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia to integrate positive parenting concepts into national plans of action and legislation, and to increase resources to prevent and respond to violence against children. 

Increase capacity to implement large scale effective child protection programmes before, during and after emergencies. 

Promote ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure to create a mechanism for children and other concerned persons to report complaints alleging child rights violations. 


Children without appropriate care are children who are not receiving suitable, continuous and quality care, nurture and guidance on a physical, emotional, social and psychological level from their families or primary caregivers. Save the Children and partners have been working to strengthen the capacity of district and provincial Women and Children Consultative Committees, Commune Committees for Women and Children and Community Social Workers to ensure children without appropriate care have access to social services. At a national level, we have been working in partnership with government to increase resource allocation and improve coordination to strengthen child protection systems.  


Save the Children has been working actively as a core member of the national steering committee on violence against children (consisting of inter-governmental ministries and UNICEF) which is conducting a national study on violence against children and reviewing the existing legal framework relating to Physical and Humiliating Punishment. Results of the research continues to inform our strategic interventions. We are working with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to roll out the application of Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting through targeted training programmes. We advocate for the promotion of positive discipline in everyday parenting and ensure positive discipline is increasingly integrated into Save the Children’s work in education and early childhood and development.  


Save the Children co-leads the Humanitarian Response Forum to ensure that Preparedness and Response Planning includes child protection standards, comprehensive school safety frameworks and school safety guidelines; and that national emergency response strategies and coordination are in place. Save the Children works in partnership with UN agencies, key ministries and other emergency response partners to guarantee the implementation of these plans. Our programming approach also ensures inclusion of risk reduction and preparedness planning. 


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