application/pdfPSL Update Year 3 Theme 1LEARNING UPDATE from the Partnering to Save Lives project. October 2016 Theme 1: Technical Harmonisation. PSL Learning agenda One outcome of PSL is focused on documenting learning and evidence that can contribute to improved policy and practices. The PSL four Learning Agenda themes are technical harmonisation, community referrals, garment factories and financial barriers.13/01/2017159KB
application/pdfCurious ChendaCHILDRENS BOOK Curious Chenda Given the social norms and resistances to feeding children fish, NOURISH developed a children’s book entitled “Curious Chenda.” The book includes engaging illustrations and an inspirational story about protecting a child’s health and future.15/09/20167MB
application/pdfRealising Children Rights (Khmer)BROCHURE from the Realising Children's Rights project (Khmer) January 2016 - December 201814/09/20164MB
application/pdfRealising Children Rights Through Improved Local Governance BROCHURE from the Realising Children's Rights project January 2016 - December 201814/09/20164MB
application/pdfPBBR & CPPE in CambodiaREPORT Program Based Budget Reform and Community Participation in Primary Education in Cambodia 2015. This research focuses on two related topics: (i) budget execution, especially of the program based budget (PB) and school operation budget (SOB), using primary schools as an illustrative case, and (ii) community and SNA participation in school matters. The objective is to assess progress and challenges in these two areas and draw practical recommendations for future improvement07/10/20157MB
application/pdfCambodia Annual Review 2014COUNTRY REVIEW: Annual Report 201427/08/20151MB
application/pdfBook Guideline for Children (Khmer)GUIDELINE: Book Guidelines for Children from the First Read Project. Khmer. 21/04/20154MB
application/pdfA Review of Existing Legislation and Policy on PHP REPORT This review is part of Save the Children’s Eliminating Physical and Humiliating Punishment Project 2015. Funded by Save the Children Norway in 201423/01/20153MB
application/pdfNOURISH BrochureBROCHURE for the NOURISH project. June 2014 - June 2019 21/01/20152MB
application/pdfSave the Children Organisational FactsheetFACTSHEET Cambodia 2015 Country Office projects and portfolio outline21/01/2015247KB