application/pdfGlobal Childhood Report 2019Save the Children's third annual End of Childhood Index compares the latest data for 176 counties-more that any other year-and assesses where the most and fewest children are missing out on childhood. This report includes case studies of counties that have made strong progress in improving children's well-being in recent decades. 30/05/20192MB
application/pdfEnd of Childhood report_PRESS RELEASESave the Children is sounding the alarm as we launch the third annual Global Childhood Report: Changing Lives in our Lifetime, in the lead up to International Children's Day on June 1st. The report examines data from 176 counties on a range of indicators related to childhood. 29/05/2019497KB
application/pdfHope for the Future -PRESS RELEASEPress Release of Hope for the Future Event to celebrate the 100 years of Save the Children.29/05/2019516KB
application/pdfImpact Stories BookletThis booklet demonstrates important successes that Save the Children and local non-governmental organization partners (PSOD, WP, and WOMEN) contributed to the Cambodian government in order to improve citizens’ awareness on rights, relevant standards, open budgets, and performance evaluations of the three services. The most significant change stories within this publication is a reflection of the service and commitment of the service providers to respond to the basic needs of citizens, youth, and children. 03/04/201913MB
application/pdfJoint Statement on the Enforcement of Sub-Decree 133 Save the Children and other NGOs, issued a joint statement to commend the strong actions of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Ministry of Health to protect the health and well-being of Cambodian children on the 11th and 12th of February 2019 against two separate companies found violating Cambodia Sub-Decree 133. The Sub-Decree plays a critical role in promoting and protecting the nutrition and health of children in Cambodia though monitoring and restricting the advertising, marketing and labeling of infant and young child feeding products, including infant formula and other breastmilk substitutes.28/02/2019573KB
application/pdfChild Rights in the Tonle Sap ReportThis report explores the experiences of children in the Tonle Sap region. It is a broad ranging study of families and children's lives with regards to Save the Children's five key thematic areas: Education, Child Protection, Health and Nutrition, Child Poverty and Child Rights Governance. 24/10/20185MB
application/pdfAdolescent pregnancy in Cambodia's northeastLEARNING PACKAGE from the Partnering To Save Lives Project. An increase in teenage pregnancy among Cambodia’s adolescents, particularly in the northeast, has raised questions and concern for health, social and economic outcomes for young women and their newborns.16/07/2018452KB
application/pdfLessons learned from a partnership approachLEARNING PACKAGE from the Partnering to Save Lives project. Partnering to Save Lives involved the Cambodian and Australian governments and non-governmental organisations as equal partners. The strengths and limitations of this approach provide guidance for others.16/07/2018191KB
application/pdfEnabling inclusive health education and care LEARNING PACKAGE from the Partnering to Save Lives project. Women with disabilities experience barriers to reproductive, maternal and newborn health in Cambodia. Inclusive approaches can enable these women to access relevant health education and responsive care.16/07/2018461KB
application/pdfPSL directory: helping workers reach appropriate careLEARNING PACKAGE from the Partnering to Save Lives project. A detailed referral directory in garment factories is helping workers reach reproductive, maternal and newborn health services with the right person, place and price to suit their needs16/07/2018441KB