Coming together to secure clean environment where Cambodian children grow well

Sunday 26 March 2017

NOURISH uses evidence-based approaches to accelerate stunting reduction by focusing on the core factors of chronic malnutrition in Cambodia: poor access to diverse and quality food, inadequate feeding and child care practices as well as the unsanitary environment. As part of the integrated stunting prevention “Grow Together” campaign, NOURISH’s new TV spot builds upon positive changes in rural Cambodia and further promotes sanitation practices by linking latrine construction and use with children’s healthy growth and development. Over 5,200 new latrines have been built and are in use, and five villages declared open defecation free in the NOURISH-supported provinces triggered using the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) methodology in close collaboration with local private suppliers and the government.  Yet, more latrines need to be built and used for more villages to be declared open-defecation free.

Increasing access to the latrine with the first 1000 days families, NOURISH is working closely with local businesses, community volunteers, and local leaders to generate demand for latrine construction and use. The TV spot brings everyone together to secure warm families and communities, and a brighter future for the children, thereby inspiring fathers to construct a latrine for their households as a gift to protect families and feel proud of owning latrines. This spot also empowers women to initiate family decisions to take action for their children to grow well and healthy.

With funding from USAID and Feed the Future, a new TV spot produced by Save the Children and its partners—The Manoff Group, SNV, Partners in Compassion, Operations Enfants du Cambodge, and Wathnakpheap—in close collaboration with the Council of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Rural Development will be broadcasted on Cambodia News Channel (CNC) and TV 5 from March 27 to April 16, 2017 during prime time. Check out the TV spot:, share the link and be a part of the change!