Begin at the Beginning: Lessons for Life

Friday 14 September 2018

It was already seven o’clock in the evening, the time most of families in Anlong Kanhchos village go to bed but Kimsrorn, a mother of three, was still taking notes from the whiteboard. 


“This is a new lesson for me and I can use this lesson to teach my children,” said Kimsrorn with smile.

Kimsrorn did not study when she was young because she moved often, from one place to another, with her parents to fish. When she had children, she did not know how to teach them, or even that it was something parents could do. She depended completely on teachers. As result, her eldest son, 11 year ols, did not know how to read at all by grade 4.

“My son was not strong and always absent as he often was sick,” recalled Kimsrorn. “I worried and did not know what to do.”

Then, in mid-2017, Save the Children introduced a literacy program through the Early Childhood Care and Develop (ECCD) for Floating Villages project to Anlong Kanhchos village. The project aims to provide basic literacy to illiterate parents and caregivers so they can support their children’s education.

“When I heard about this, I did not believe that I could do it, but I was curious” explained Kimsrorn. “When I attended, I was interested and thought it was important for me to address my problems with children’s education, so I decided to continue.”

Now, Kimsrorn volunteers for two classes. She never misses them. She has learnt a lot about reading and writing, and early childhood education and she applies what she learns with her children. 

“I spend one hour every day after dinner reading a story and the children’s lesson books and doing mathematic with my children,” Kimsrorn said, showing the story books she reads.

The literacy classes not only support Kimsrorn to teach her children, but also support her access to public services.

“It makes me feel strong, I can go to the health center on my own, not like before when I need my mother in law with me for support with administration work,” Kimsrorn laughed.

Kimsrorn does not only attend the literacy class, but also the ECCD parenting group meetings where she can learn personal hygiene, positive parenting, how to produce toys by using the existing and recycled materials at home and provide stimulation for her children using house chores.

Kimsrorn is happy with her son’s results, he is getting better at school. She shares her knowledge and encourages her neighbors to support their children’s education.

“Children’s education is also parent’s responsibilities; we need to support them,” said Kimsrorn. “I encourage my children to get high education and get good job in the future.”