Our Partners

Save the Children works closely with the following government partners and local NGO partners.

Government Partners

Non Government Organisation/International Non Government Organisation Partners

Save the Children Partnership Principles

Strong partnerships are critical for achieving breakthroughs for children. We work with many kinds of partners (both project based and strategic), and believe that good a partnership encompasses the following principles:

  • Value Driven and Empowering relationships: implying aligned values, mutual respect and recognition of respective contributions and potential;
  • Transparency and Accountability: which imply that openness and honesty in working relationships are pre-conditions of trust. Only with transparent working and information sharing will a partnership be acccountable to its stakeholders. 
  • Mutual Benefit: means that those expected to contribute to the partnership should also derive added value from it, in addition to bringing about changes for children. Only in this way will the partnership ensure the continuing commitment of partners and therefore be sustainable.