About Us


We had to leave the country when the Khmer Rouge regime took control but re-engaged when they fell in 1979. Save the Children provided relief assistance to the worst affected families under the Khmer Rouge regime and then gradually shifted its focus to education, child protection, health, child rights governance and disaster relief. Save the Children works closely with government partners to improve children's lives, especially the most marginalised, remote and hard to reach children. 


A special year for the Save the Children movement – In 2019, we will mark 100 years since Save the Children was founded.  We will also start our next three year global plan, to accelerate on our breakthroughs by 2021, for the most deprived and marginalised children; ensuring every last child is able to survive, learn and be protected.

 The reason we were founded - Our extraordinary story began in 1919, when our founder EglantyneJebb launched the pioneering fight to save suffering children across war-torn Europe, which inspired the first global movement for children.  100 years later Save the Children continues to lead the way in the spirit of Eglantyne; being bold, courageous and compassionate as we take a stand for the rights of children worldwide.